Liakis Panos

Panos LIAKIS image

Telecom Engineer

Athens - Greece

Born in Athens - Greece. Study Telecom Engineer in Orsay - France. 35 years experience in micro-computing and integration of TCP/IP systems.







photo Liakis family tree

The Liakis familly tree from 1800 to now.

photo Klimenti

Review about the history of my village Klimenti.

Greek Mirage 2000 EG

photo model Greek Mirage 2000 EG

Here you can find how to build the Greek Mirage 2000 EG with air/sea configuration.

I informe you about the available's plastic's and why I propose the Exocet and Magic2 weapon's configuration.

Also you can find special infos about the differences betwen the French and the Greek Mirage and where to find the Greek decals.

Build a Greek Mirage 2000 EG

Colors for Greek Mirage

Photo Greek Mirage colors for modelers

The colors of the Greek Mirage are not the same as those of the French Mirages.

This is due to the intensive dogfight against the turkish f-16 and especially the fact that they are operational from Tanagra Air Base which is located next to the sea and in full sun.

I made the trip down to allow you to be closer to reality.

Colors for Greek Mirage

Exocet for Mirage

photo exocet for greec Mirage

HAF is the only air force that uses the Exocet missile today.

Find information to buy these air/sea missiles in 1/48 and especially how to build the pylon.

Exocet for Mirage

What/If Greek Rafale

photo Greek Rafale what/if

What / if for a Greek Rafale version 3.3. Use of the same colors like the F-16 aegean gost camouflage.

Some basic information for those who have not worked with Rafale version F 3.3.

What/If Greek Rafale