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How to build a what/if Greek Rafale C model

By on (page updated at 16/11/2017)

Greek Rafale C what/if version F 3.3 with Mica missile and Scalp bomb.

Project introduction.

Greece in crisis will have to renovate its fighter planes and bombing in 10 years. Currently for air / air combat she has F-16 (just upgreded) and Mirage 2000 -5. For air / sea and air / ground configurations it uses older Mirage 2000 EG / BG versions.

For air / air operations we think that the competition is open between the F-35 and an european offer, For air / ground and air / sea operations we believe that the Rafale solution will be imposed. In addition currently the existing Mirage EG / BG are really starting to get old.

Of course it will be Rafale C since Greece does not have an aircraft carrier. The latest version 3.x of the Rafale C also allows the transport of Exocet air / sea missiles which Greece has a good number.

Colors for the What/if Rafale C Greek

Rafale derive detail

In the past I build a "what/if" version with "aegean ghost". Just for the fun ! See the details

About camouflage we don't use the greec Mirage camouflage not either the "aegean ghost". We know that Egypt and Emirat Arab don't change the painting also we stay with the already used French Rafale colors.

Weapons configuration

For general purpose you can read this very good article.

More specificly and for our project we configure for a "deep penetration mission" (unfortunatly no Meteor and no Exocet missiles).

Deep penetration mission that's means:

Air/Air missile configuration: 2 Mica IR, 2 Mica RF under the wings.

Air/ground weapons configuration: 2 Scalp bomb under the wings.

3 tank 2000L under the wings and central pylone.

Just for info: Total weight : 23713 kg, kerozene 9370 kg!

What Plastic model use?

Revell Rafale M s/n 04517

We think that the Revell Rafale M s/n 04517 is the best plastic for the moment. But this is a Marine version 2.X not a C version 3.x!

We have the 2 kinds of modifications:

1. The M to C

2. the version 2 to version 3.x.

Modifications for C version F3.x

See the "Walk around Rafale C " for details.

Rafale derive Rafale C radar dorsal Rafale C landing gears

The M to C modifications

The landing gears

The nose landing gear is the most important modification.The forward gear is totally different (bay, doors), you have to scratch it or grab one from the Rafale B kit. The main gear is also different, I modified the M one.

Use the Scale Aircraft Conversion (SAC) Rafale A/B/C Landing Gear.

You can add after-market items like the Wheels and the Doors.

The Tail

Remove the strobe light on top of the tailfin

hockeystick vent by the engine exhaust

No landbased arrester hook

The Rafale B and C has a different module for the nose gear with different attachment points as well as nose gear doors. THe B/C nose gear probably won't fit the M nose gear attachments.

On modifie la dérive pour la faire C et version 3.3 La modification de la dérive est un des points importants à modifier pour rendre un plastique Rafale M en C. La foto à gauche montre la mauette en version M et à droite en version C.

The version 2 to 3.x modification's

  • The radome Modification des parafoudresLes parafoudres sont 6 et non pas 5. qu'il serait dommage pour les parafoudres de ne pas les replacer au bon endroit. Il y'en a 6, celui situé à 6 heures étant d'une longueur double.
  • The dorsale(top fuselage) VHF antenna is biggest.

Rafale derive