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Born in Athens - Greece. Study Telecom Engineer in Orsay - France. 35 years experience in micro-computing and integration of TCP/IP systems.







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Colors for a Greek Mirage 2000 plastic model

By on (page updated at 02/11/2017)

Tint overall very difficult to reproduce because very variant depending on the lighting conditions and brightness. Subject of many different interpretations. Here you can find a verry interessant post (but in french) about all the french aircraft colors. The topics about Mirage 2000 admet that the colors is not very easy to obtain

The existing documentation's about the color's of the Mirage 2000 Greek are three:

1. The Heller Mirage 200C documentation

2. The Kinetic item K48032 Mirage 2000 BG documentation.

3. The Kinetic item K48042 Mirage 2000 C documentation.

What is the right grey?

I have build several versions of Mirage 2000 using this grey colors.

The Heller Mirage 200C documentation give FS 35235 = >H337.

The Kinetic item K48032 Mirage 2000 BG documentation give FS 36375 =>H308.

The Kinetic item K48042 Mirage 2000 C documentation give FS 36231 =>H317.

Gray for  Greek  Mirage 2000

After reading a lot of forum I see that modelers use often the H308. I paint a plastic with H308 und I go to the Tanagra Airport to see with a real Mirage!!

Grey H308 color for Greek Mirage 2000

The Humbrol H308 is not the right color. Must be darker.

I think that the H337 is very blue. I paint a model with FS 36320 =>H307 Gunze that is less gray that the H317.

Gray H307 colors Greek detail  Mirage 2000

The post at the begining of this article say: gris clair : H307 (25 drops) + H1 (25 drops) + H74 (5 drops). I think that the dilution with the H1 is not good beacause seem's to be a H308 and we see that is not the good color weight.

Personnaly I think that the H307 is the right gray because the H317 is a little be more grey for a Greek Mirage. A big point: Is easy to obtain. Just buy the bottle :)

I agree that I give you a new version for the gray! The only new point is that I go personnaly to the Military Airport and see a real Mirage 2000 Greek to make my test

Whats is th right blue?

The Heller Mirage 200C documentation give the Vallejo 70.963 medium beu

The Kinetic item K48032 Mirage 2000 BG documentation give H42 + H308. Attention: The documentation print H42 (intermediate blue)! But the H42 is Bleu Gray and the intermediaite bleu is H56.

The Kinetic item K48042 Mirage 2000 C documentation give Vallejo Model Color 900.

All the modelers use for the Mirage intermediaite bleu H56 or the Mirage Blue for Valejo that sem's to be the same.

Bleu color for Greek detail  Mirage 2000

Go to test with the special for Mirage color "Mirage Blue for Valejo". Something wrong with the Mirage Blue for Valejo!!!

Vallejo  colors for Greek detail  Mirage 2000

Using only Vallejo colors the right mix is:

My Greek Mirage blue = (1:mirage blue + 1:white) + 20 % blue azur

This mix is verry similar with Gunze color in this french post!

Blue Gray : H56 (15g) + H1 (16g) + H323 (3g)

Photos withe differents colors for Greek   Mirage 2000


The 2 models are wrong!! We have to take the gray from the right plane and the bleu for the left. I promise you to assembly a new Greek Mirage with the right colors now. Thanks for your patiente.