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How to put Exocet in Mirage 2000 model

By on (page updated at 02/11/2017

Exocet for Mirage 2000

There are 2 Exocet suppliers for plastic model in 1-48 : The North Star Models and Eduard . I bought for each one for testing .

North Star : The missile have the right size. Problem on the decals that are not the right length (but that can be corrected by painting ). North Star costs about € 10 each + € 5 for postage . Bye here for North Star

Eduard: The missile's diameter is not the right size , the aillerons break very easily , the protective paper is glued on decals and removing it (even with careful) he breaks ( therefore unusable ). Eduard costs about € 8 for a boxe with 2 missiles + 4 € shipping costs.Bye here for Eduard

NorthStar and Eduard exocet

Unfortunately none of these 2 suppliers provide the pylon that goes with it. You have to do it by manually. I am done with epoxy Putty.

Exocet detail

Build Greek detail  Mirage 2000

For the building of the central pylon you must be careful because it is not the same between a Mirage 2000 and a Rafale.

For Exocet fotos see here the details:Exocet walk around photos

Build pylone for an Exocet for Mirage 2000

It is absolutely necessary to put the attachments of the missile and the pylon to hold well because all that is quite heavy.

Build an Exocet for Mirage 2000 step 1 Build an Exocet for Mirage 2000 step 2

After finish the central pylon we build the rear part.

It must "snaps" well knowing that this will stick on the central pylon.

Exocet for Mirage2000 Exocet for modelers

Exocet plastic modelers

Exocet plastic modelers Mirage 2000

The result is solid and realistic.

Exocet final

Exocet on Mirage model Exocet maquette sur Mirage 2000

Only the Greek Mirage 2000 EG has Exocet.

Mirage 2000 C with Exocet  Greek Mirage 2000 with Exocet